Glowing Green

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I follow Kimberly Snyder on Twitter and have been reading her tweets about her Glowing Green Smoothie and her book “The Beauty Detox Solution” for a few weeks now. I didn’t really understand what she was writing about with all this talk of Glowing Green and etc.

I found myself at Barnes and Noble one Sunday afternoon and thought I’d look for her boo, the problem main problem was that I couldn’t remember the name of the book, couldn’t remember her full name and etc. I ended up giving up the search and moved on.

Few more weeks passed and I saw more of her tweets, got on Amazon and ordered the book. I had a last minute impromptu trip to the Carolina Coast and forgot about my Amazon order.

When I got home there was a surprise waiting for me at my door! “The Beauty Detox Solution” had arrived! I opened it up and immediately read the first 50 pages in less than 30 minutes. Next thing I knew I was taking notes, and calling up one of my friends to see if she wanted to take a trip to the store with me…. I was hooked. I started with the basis of her meal plans, bought all the foods, some CRAZY sounding ingredients and got to cooking. I am not exaggerating by no means when I say that on Tuesday morning after having my hot water with lemon, my celery sticks, then 2 pieces of gluten free bread – i had more energy then I had in months. My stomach was not in pain,  I didn’t feel like my intestines were about to explode and no coffee… and no caffeine headache.


I need to move into this slowly, so I have been following along with the breakfast ideas…I haven’t made it to the Glowing Green Smoothie yet..because I think I have a canadia issue. I am applying the principles of low weight food to heavier weight food throughout the day with my dinner being the heaviest meal of the day. She also has food guidelines about food pairing of items your meals should be. For example: Proteins and Starches do not mix, but Starches do mix with vegetables. I wrote her food pairing guidelines down on a large sticky note and folded into my wallet. I have had 2 business lunches and a third today and have pulled it out as a reference for what I should order.

So far I am in love with the advice and cannot complain if I keep feeling the energy that I am, and I am sure it is only to get better.



Do I need a $400 + Blender?

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This was my question I posed to my co-worker early in the work day. I saw a coupon for 20% off SHIPPING for a Vita Mix. Is that a great deal or what? Ok so maybe it’s not. She quickly put it into perspective for me when she asked me why I couldn’t buy a $100 blender from Target. You so right girl!


I will keep dreaming until the day I can justify spending THAT much money on a piece of equipment.

In other news, I was extremely jealous happy for all the Healthy Living Summit Participants this past weekend. I have enjoyed reading all of the re-caps and updates from the event. I have my fingers crossed that one of these big blog events will come to the Queen City. If the Democratic National Convention 2012 is able to come to the city, surely some of us in the Blog Family can 😉

I am hoping someone posts more details from the recipe writing presentation. I know that I am the most hesitant about posting recipes on my blog because I do not know the proper way to write one. I have passed on recipe’s to friends and swore it was simple to make. Only to have them call me up and yell at me because their pickles/bread/pizza dough/cookies and etc has come out wayyy wrong.


Top 5 Things I Like About My New Job

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1.) There are no Copper Head Snakes in my office


2.) There are no Mice in my office


3.) No Creepy Crawlies


4.) These peeps are no longer my co-workers (*Shelley does not fall into this category)


5.) There is SUNLIGHT

sun in hands

These Three Things

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The above three things are what is going to get my through my day. Banana, Water and a Mocha from The NOOK Coffee Shop. If you live in the Lake Norman area…or even if you do not, I HIGHLY recommend stopping by The Nook to check out their amazing coffee’s, deserts, sandwiches and salads. The owners are very sweet and the family works there and runs it.

You may be wondering how I will get by on only the three things above. It’s because I have a HALF DAY! I have plans to go to the pool with my friend Arika and then clean my house tonight (fun Friday right?!). Tomorrow it is supposed to rain but I may have a fun adventure up my sleeve…

I wish you all an amazing Friday.


Miss Darla Marla Sleeping

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Live Writer

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I finally have Live Writer, I am hoping this will help with my posting regimen or the lack of 😉 I really hope that this program lives up to all that people say it is.

Just a quick update on what is new in my life. In a previous post I discussed different paths popping up in my life. Well I took a leap of faith, turned right instead of left and now have a new job at a new company.

So far….it was WELL worth it. I am loving the new company, the products, the environment and my co-workers. More on this shortly.


Weekend Trip

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Hi everyone! I have been sickly lately 😦 I came down with something last Wednesday and it is dragging me down further and further since. I tried bargaining with my body to have its sick time but I need to be better by Thursday, because I have a trip this weekend.

I am headed to good ole’ Oswego, NY:

Way up North where the closest state is Canada 🙂 I am going to a graduation party as well as visiting friends and family.

Oswego is a beautiful town in the summer. Oswego has a powerful river and sits on the shore of Lake Ontario. The sunsets and the views are out of this world. However that ALL changes when winter rolls around and the town gets buried in the snow.

I am excited to stop by some of my favorite stores/restaurants as well as to see some of the local sites:

I’ll be sure to blog my 12 hour car trip and my adventure.

Do any of you live in Upstate NY?

Over being Under the Weather,