CJK’s Birthday dinner

April 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yesterday was CJK’s birthday, she takes her birthday off from work every year so she wasn’t around yesterday at the job to take to lunch. So tonight KK and myself took CJK to dinner and her husband SK joined us crazy women as well. We decided on Brickhouse Tavern in Davidson, NC because CJK was into the $5.00 tuesday martini’s.

I was the first one there and picked a nice high top table in the bar section for the four of us and quickly ordered a sparkling water with lime. The others arrived soon after and ordered their drinks.

After pondering the menu for a bit, I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted. This is where eating clean is hard. Sure the pizza sounded fabulous, but that wasn’t within my intention for the night. I contemplated a sandwich but they only had pita, focaccia, potato roll and texas toast for bread options. None of those sounded appealing and esp with all that gluten. So I opted for the mixed green salad, which I ordered and actually asked the waitress if the salad has lettuce lol!

KK asked the table if anyone wanted an appetizer, since I didn’t want chicken on my salad (if I don’t know where the chicken comes from I try not to eat it) I told her I would have an appetizer. I let her pick and she decided on the spinach artichoke dip with pita chips.

KK and CJK’s Veggie Pizza:

SK’s Black Bean Burger:

Great dinner, great conversation what more can you ask for?

Happy Birthday CJK!



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