9’O Clock Rocks!

April 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s a little after 9am and I already have a batch of granola bars going, oatmeal on the stove top and a Carmel Mocha by my side. Life is good 🙂

I tried a new recipe this morning for my bars. The ones I made yesterday were quite good, but in the middle of the night I had a thought on an ingredient I could use to make them better….only I think about ingredients in the middle of the night! I ordered some coconut butter that was featured on KERF’s Blog and am awaiting for that to arrive. I plan to drizzle coconut and another type of nut butter on top of the bars. I will not use peanut ingredients because my brother is allergic to peanuts, so most of my cooking is gluten and for sure allergy free. These bars I am making now are vegan and I can’t say raw, but the nuts started out as raw, but they are in the oven now…

I plan on prepping a large green leaf lettuce and kale salad so I can have that this week for lunch. I bought what looks to be a delicious asparagus vegan soup yesterday at the DFM, so I might have that for dinner, or maybe I will make my own soup. It is supposed to be a little chilly today in the Carolinas (in the 70’s I know …I know…), so this will be perfect soup day before the 90 degree days roll in. I also am planning on going to the park with my little wiener dog and doing a couple of miles to make sure she and I get a good workout in!

Oh here is a picture of a cheese/strawberry/hummus tray I made for last night’s party:

Pea’s Love and Happiness,


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