South of the Boarder

April 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

I ended up not wanting to cook tonight….which is a real part of becoming un-processed – the dreaded laziness. My brother picked me up for work and I gave him 2 options: Chinese or Mexican. After a little debate on which one is probably more “real food” we went for Mexican. 

This is the mess of what I got for dinner:

I won’t say the name of the restaurant because the service was horrible!

Above is the brother, he is thinking “what am I doing here? La La La pretty ceiling, I really like this backstreet boys song that is playing”

I should have stuck to my local food and eaten a homemade meal.  I do not feel well after the meal, and it was blah..not to mention the food I wasted. I can’t wait for my oats in the morning.

At least after dinner we stopped at the Human Bean:

I also have to tell you all about my vitamins (said like Jamie Oliver). I LOVE them – I had a really bad headache one day and stopped by Home Economist in Davidson to look for some medicine. I was drawn to this bottle of vitamins. I decided why not the headache is killing me, so I picked up a sample packet of these liquid vitamins. I purchased this all on my own, was not sent a sample so what I am about to say is 100% all me…my headache went away!! I don’t know what it was but about 10 minutes after I took this I felt better. I highly recommend this Organic Life Vitamins to anyone. The back is loaded with all the vitamins you can imagine and even has aloe which is the liquid in the mix. Please note that minerals are not included but I saw that they make a mineral version as well.

I am still waiting for my order of chia seeds and coconut butter 😦 I contacted the company and they said that I should have had my package days ago, but they were going to send me another one and just in case I happen to get both I can send the other back.

Something I am grateful for is that my bedroom herb garden is doing well, does anyone else have a herb garden in their bedroom 🙂 My Orchid (Liles – yes my Orchid has a name) is in full bloom and looks very happy.

Have a great night!



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