April 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

At a recent gathering someone made the statement “you can’t be an animal lover and eat meat” I have been pondering this and am tempted to say that  I agree with it. Not too sure though, anyone else have any thoughts on this? There were a ton  fun vegetarian and vegan cookbooks at Barnes and Nobles, when I was browsing the isles there earlier. I was really interested in Alicia Silverstone’s book “The Kind Diet” it featured healthy eating and living tips. I am going to go on Amazon after writing this post and see how much they are selling it for.

For dinner tonight I didn’t stick to vegan, vegetarian or anything local – yikes bad bad. I also do not have any photos of my food. I had some chinese and a veggie roll. Tomorrow my goal is to have 3 meals and all of which will contain at least 1 local ingredient.

Tonight I decided that I need  to take some photography classes, I am struggling with my food photos…my food looks 10x more delicious in person then it is showing up in the pictures. Part of this is my lack of camera skills, but I believe the other part is the camera. Do I buy a new camera for my blog? I am really loving this blog and more and more people are reading each day. I think the photography could take this blog to the next level…that is after I learn how to write 🙂



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  • hi elizabeth! i have been enjoying reading your blog- your bro pointed it out to me on FB. i write a food blog too, so i’ve become a little obsessed with food photography! i feel it’s a natural progression. 🙂 i just read a really good post about it:
    and while she has a fancy camera, you most definitely do NOT need a $500+ dslr to get good photos. i shoot with a cannon powershot and i love it. it’s pretty versatile. the key is natural light- and i see you’re taking your breakfast outside already! and my biggest struggle is acheiving natural light when it’s uh, nighttime! so there are a lot of tricks with lamps (even a table lamp w/ a regular lightbulb in it) and vellum (available at craft stores) and a whiteboard (just a piece of white poster or foam core board). so poke around the internet, there are a LOT of resources out there- and see what works best for you. obv, not everyone is up for buying $100+ food lamps!
    also check out donna ruhlman’s blog… she is michael ruhlman’s wife and photographer. so he writes about the food and then she writes about how she got the particular shot featued in the entry. she breaks it down behind the scenes, so it’s fun to watch.

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