Ode’ to the Campus Cafe

April 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

First – Kate from the Blueberry Files you rock! Thank you for your suggestions on the photography, I have been looking up web pages for tips and am going to start experimenting this weekend.

Sorry I didn’t post last night (it’s always good to start friday morning’s off with apologies!) I was babysitting for a couple that went to the Bon Jovi Concert here in Charlotte and didn’t get home until about 1:00 AM! If you know me that is about 4 hours past my bed time…but that’s ok they are great and their little ones are too.

For lunch yesterday I had an egg salad sandwich on multi grain bread from the cafe:

*Notice the Progress is Greener hat in the background? – props to Earth Day *

For dinner it was some cottage cheese and strawberries.

This morning because I got up so late, I didn’t have time to make my oats..not to mention I ran out 😦

So it was a morning at cafe on campus, I ended up getting a yogurt parfait and a Starbucks drink:

I am going to dedicate a post on Eric Roston’s speech (from yesterday) I am just waiting for the campus photographer to send out the photos.




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