Post Run Jiggly Legs

April 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

I can feel my muscles powering around inside my legs still, they are probably like “thank you for waking us up, we thought you forgot about us!”

I went to the Davidson Home Economist for this afternoon’s health fair. I met a lot of cool people, tried out a lot of cool products and took home some even cooler samples. Someone representing Vega was there and I took the time to explain my experience with the product and asked for suggestions. I told him that I really wanted to like Vega but am just not there. He explained how he uses the product (with water) and a hand shaker…you know one of those protein shake reusable containers that has the mixer inside it. He pulled one out of his products and gave it to me and I told him that I would give the Vega another go. He also recommend that I use Chlorophyl in with the drink. When he said this I was picturing a lethal chemical, but he said you put a few drops in your water and it helps your hemoglobin…research to follow-up on this.

I will review some of the samples that I received as I use them. After all that talking, browsing I was hungry. Since I ate lunch at like 10:30 it was about time for another meal at 2:3o. I decided to keep the good health going today and had a wonderful salad:

Tonight I am going to go check out the new movie theater in Davidson and go to the North Harbor Club. I’ll post again either later tonight or tomorrow.




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