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April 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

 I started off the morning with a trip to the Human Bean for a carmel skim mocha. I really wanted to make the 12:15 Vinyasa Yoga Class at the Lake Norman YMCA, but by the time I got moving I would have been late for the class. I hate walking in late to a yoga class, I feel like it disrupts the people who are setting their intentions and then I feel off for the rest of the class. So I decided to attend the 1:10 zumba class. I haven’t been to this class before, I love taking Zumba from Molley in Mooresville, so I do not know if I am just to partial to her but this class wasn’t great 😦 But at least I got some exercise in, so I am thankful for that. My brother went with me to the gym, so after the class I met up with him and we decided that we were both hungry and needed to eat.

He wanted to check out the Soda Shop in Davidson so there we went. We both started off with a Shirley Temple and a cup of Black Bean Soup. The soup was good, not the best black bean I have been. I couldn’t decide on what to get, so I went with a veggie burger. The veggie burger was cold, like they literally forgot to cook it. So I took it to go and decided I will cook it later 🙂

We then went to the Healthy Market aka the Home Economist and picked up some milk (hemp), sun butter and a Vega  berry packet. When we got back to Mooresville my brother was already hungry, he was looking forward to dinner. I couldn’t believe he was hungry we just had eaten about 2 hours before. So instead of a meal I talked him into a smoothie:


Handful of Blue Berries

5 Frozen Strawberry’s

2 Medium Bananas

1 Pack of Berry Vega mix

1 cup of hemp milk

1/2 milk


My brother was a little skeptical but he loved it! You’ll be able to tell from the ingredients that I made a large batch of smoothie..I did have some but he had all but 8oz.

For dinner we decided to grill, he had some ostrich meat that he needed to cook and I was in the mood for grilled veggies. I cooked: mushrooms, asparagus and egg-plant.

I decided to have a salad with my grilled veggies:

Up Close Shot:

I am going to Greensboro tomorrow for work, I am going to bring the remainder of my dinner that I didn’t eat for lunch just in case we stay in and do not go out to eat.

My friend KK is on her way over to get some help with her computer.

Peace, Love and Veggies,



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