Drum Roll Please….

May 5, 2010 § 2 Comments

Before the colon details I must share a picture of the wonderful smoothie that I had this morning:

 (Ariel View)

(Get Low View)                    

The DL:

1 Packet of Green Superfood

1 banana

4 Frozen Strawberries

10 Black Berries

5 Blue Berries

1/2 Hemp Milk

18 Drops of Chlorophyll

Bunch of Kale 🙂

1/2 teaspoon of Chia Seeds

Talk about a nutrient packed smoothie, I only had the glass in the picture but this made plenty more than that. The remainder is in my fridge to be consumed later.

So on to last night’s experience. KK and myself got to Charlotte Colon Hydrotherapy a few minutes before our 5:30 PM appointment. HOWEVER we needed to find an atm so we each could take out $100.00 for the procedure. You’d think there would be PLENTY of atm’s in Uptown Charlotte because it is  the banking capital of the South and all. Nope not so much, we ended up in Myers Park after starting out near Bank of America stadium. For those of you who are not in Charlotte….those two locations are NOT near each other 🙂

I finally dashed out of the car at a red light ran into a hotel and taaa daaa they had an ATM, I took out $200.00 and we were on our way back to the other side of town guided by Bank of America Stadium.

KK and myself filled out a 2 page form where it asked general health questions and questions about what we ate. Paul was the one that would be doing our colon cleansing and discussed some of the things that we wrote on the form. He had a LOT of insight on nutrition and gave us some very good advice (a lot around PH in the body and achieving an alkaline system). Then he asked who wanted to go first, this was something that KK and myself had not discussed and to tell you the truth I hadn’t thought about. KK said that she would go first because she was the one that drove, just to make sure her system was settled for the drive back up to Lake Norman. The actual cleanse takes about 45 minutes.

First you go into the bathroom, empty your bladder and change into a medical gown. You then come out and lay on a table and he shows you the tube that they insert and walks you through the process. You then feel water slowly entering your body…slowly…slowly it is creeping through your colon. Then he hits a valve and it sucks IT out!

KK had some significant substance leave her body, she did experience some cramping but Paul said that this was normal because it is how the muscles contract to get rid of the waste.

“Next in Line!” Then I was up, a little nervous not going to lie. So I went in and got changed and laid down on the table. The tube that goes into your body does not hurt at all, the water flowing did not hurt at all and I did not experience any cramping. There was also another difference between mine and KK’s situation….NOTHING CAME OUT!!! He massaged my stomach around my colon and it was sore to the touch. He explained that it was inflamed and impacted. Now if there was never any other confirmation that I was full of it, this is it. He said that there is probably 25 or 30 lbs of matter stuck…and I have to go back on Friday 😦 If not yet another lovely health thing wrong with me…grr it will get fixed.

Overall I highly recommend Charlotte Colon Hydrotherapy, Paul was great, the atmosphere was great and it was a very comforting experience (considering what it was!).

I’m off to a trade show today to look at fun new products that my company has 🙂

To Leaves and Greens!



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