Eating GFree and Social Occasions

May 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

How do you handle this? Do you “take one for the team” and indulge in gluten food? I guess it may depend on whether it is an allergy, an insensitivity or if it’s something you are just trying to avoid.

Yesterday I had 2 social events and this is how I handled them.

First I had a Bridal Tea Party in the Myers Park Neighborhood of Charlotte. I got there a bit late, so luckily the shift had already occurred from food to conversation. The hostess had prepared a fabulous spinach and strawberry salad, mini-cheese cakes, croissants with chicken salad, crackers, chips and salsa and etc. I mostly had the spinach and strawberry salad, but did have some cheese and did have a croissant with chicken salad. I was very hungry and did not eat my breakfast in the morning like I should have…instead went to Human Bean.

Obviously the croissant was the big terrorist in all of that. croissants are made with 90% butter…but that is no excuse, that actually makes it worse. But it was ok I had it and I moved on.

Later yesterday evening I had two options, either a attend the NASCAR All Star Race with my good friends from Wilkesboro or go to friend’s house in Charlotte to watch the race. I was torn, now I am not a NASCAR fan but it was the premier event in Charlotte last night. I opted to watch it in the comfort of a home with people who would not be horribly focused on the race but would accept laugher and conversation unlike die-hard NASCAR enthusiasts.

Now at their house they were having a spaghetti and meatball dinner with bruschetta and a salad. Since I had the croissant earlier in the day I knew that I would stick to salad. I did have one small piece of bruschetta. This was an easier decision esp. since I do not eat red meat. I just had my salad, no one asked any questions…I have mentioned to them I am not supposed to eat gluten and we moved on with it.

Great night though! Tons of laughs, definitely burned some calories just from laughing.

I think I am going to make a trip to the Human Bean this morning but i am also going to have my GFree oats to get the day off to a good start. Tonight I have a LOST party!!! Super excited for that.




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