Eating Clean: Lunch from the Desk

July 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

I believe one of the hardest places to “eat clean” is at work. So many temptations lurking around every corner. The dreaded vending machines, that co-worker that is a size 0 with an extra-large bowl of candy on her desk, the brownies some made while playing susie homemaker. Just temptations everywhere! Then when it comes to lunch you feel too lazy in the mornings to make something and who knows what you are going to feel like eating hours from now. It is often just as easy to wander off to the campus cafe, drool over the grill and those yummy smelling onion rings and call it a day. While I am good and opt for healthier items from the cafe, I need to focus more on bringing my lunch. Today I do that, I am very proud of myself. I brought a half of a pita, with humus, lettuce, tomato, cheese and deli meet turkey. I can’t eat just one item so I packed a serving of UTZ Gluten Free Cheese Balls.

I am eating while I am writing (bad, bad I know!) but today is a busy monday at work so I need to do what I need to do.

In other news I joined Calorie King, I think that it will be very beneficial to track my calories. I have a goal this week to track my calories all 7 days starting today and to get 3 days of exercise in. I am thinking about starting running again too…

Cheese Balls-



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