10k Training Day 1

August 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

So yesterday I had this crazy idea of signing up for a 10k after I received an email advertising a race at work. I also decided that I was going to blog my experience. Here is today’s update!

Today was CSA day at work, so I had to stay late to pick up my share as well as help the people who run the CSA pickup and let them out of the building. Now remember that I live in North Carolina and it is August. So when I got home it was approx 90 something degrees with over 50% humidity and it felt like it was well over 100 degrees. My brother asked me about 5 minutes after walking in the door if I wanted to go to Davidson College to run to the trail.

My first thought: “ummmmmm no!” then after about 5 more minutes I was all about it and getting my exercise clothes on and heading towards the car. I haven’t been to the Davidson College Trails in about 4 years so I really did not remember what it was like. I also had Miss Darla Marla with me and even though she is a weiner dog with stubby legs she can go the distance. My goal was to complete the 5k loop. I thought I was real smart going into it and thought I would have no problem doing it.

 Before mile 1 of the 5k I was planning on moving into the kudzu (see pic below) and starting life over from there. The trail had rolling hills and I felt like I was in the video game Oregon Trail.

After 5k and about 20,000 burned calories later Miss Darla Marla and I reached the end, I did the fist pump and darla trotted along. Darla has been warn out since we have been back 🙂

I however feel full of energy and actually really good. Tomorrow I have the day off from work because of a hair appointment. I plan on going to the gym before the appointment and then trying to get some exercise in while I am babysitting tomorrow night. Tomorrow at the gym I will do the elliptical for 30 minutes, stair stepper for 30 minutes, walk 2 miles on the track and do some weights.

Oats you glad I am serious about this?!


PS: sorry no pictures of the eats today, it was a leftover day with some amazing oats in the morning :_


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