Training Day 2

August 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

I feel that this post is semi-misleading because there hasn’t been any training that has happened yet 🙂 It will though! My plan yesterday was to wake up and head to the gym. I ended up having to take care of some work (yes on my day off) so I didn’t get to go…yet. I also was cancelled on for the babysitting so that clears my night.

I plan on heading to the gym around 8pm, after I make some more pickles 🙂

In other things that I did today; I went to the Aveda Institute of Charlotte for a hair appointment. If you have an Aveda Institute near you I HIGHLY recommend that you check it out. I have just about the shoulder length very thick hair. At an average salon, I cannot get out of there for under $100 for a highlight and cut. At a higher end Aveda Salon I am lucky if I get out of the salon with a junior stylist for $150. At the Aveda institute of Charlotte, I paid $85.00 for a cut, highlight, blow out including a $20.00 tip! My hair looks fabulous and looks so healthy, try getting highlights with non Aveda products and come out looking undamaged.

The Aveda institute of Charlotte is located in the Historic South End.

While I was in the South End, I decided to head over to the S. Kings Drive Great Harvest and picked up some Honey Whole Wheat and Gluten Free Dakota Bread. On my way back to Mooresville, I stopped at Barnes and Noble to pick up my reserved copy of the Operation Beautiful book! I am so excited to read it before bed tonight.

Speaking of the Operation Beautiful Book, I sent it to a friend that is having some medical problems. I didn’t tell her I was sending it to her, so it was a surprise when it showed up at her doorstep. This is the email that she sent me after receiving it:

I just love you…are you sure you can’t marry , Justin? You are such a sweetheart!!!  That book is wonderful…makes me smile and hopefully will make me look at myself differently.  I can’t wait to do the sticky’s  myself!  Last night was the first time I have read a book in a really long time.  This one will keep my attention.
Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart!
Love ya,

I just love how the Operation Beautiful message positively impacts people’s lives!

I promise to post later after my workout success!




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