Training Days 4-6

August 16, 2010 § 4 Comments

What a great weekend! It was the perfect mix of relaxing and fun. I have to admit that I was pretty jealous seeing the posts and tweets from all the Healthy Living Summit attendees, but it motivated me in so many ways. I look forward to going to a blogger conference in the future and am going to try to make the Food Buzz Conference.

Saturday morning I went to the Y for a Zumba Class. I really love Zumba, it is such a great workout and since you are dancing and in a fun environment it doesn’t feel like your typical exercise class. Sometimes when I am in a spin or even a more traditional aerobics class, I find myself straining to see the clock and how many more minutes I have left (because I am usually bored). I had a very enthusiastic high schooler next to me that was very into the dance so that was fun too.

Saturday night my brother wanted to know if I wanted to go bowling with him and our friend Kaytea.  I of course said yes because she is super fun and I knew that it would be a good time.

I did pretty horrible in bowling, but it was about fun and not about competition. I even rolled it down once like an old lady in honor of my friend Arika! My brother had a great time too, he posed for a picture:

Kaytea and my brother kicked my butt in bowling and in Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). I felt like I was a kid again because after we bowled we went into the arcade. I only did DDR one time and it was my first time ever and it wasn’t that easy! My brother and Kaytea played for a long time and it was very funny.

On Sunday morning when I woke up I had a severe headache. I rarely get headaches and when I do I am a super baby about it. I didn’t know if I was dehydrated and felt like I could use an IV hydration drip or a Pinkberry drip. Now I have never had Pinkberry but thought it could solve all of my problems 🙂

I was right! I went down to the South Park area of Charlotte, met my friends Arika and Hunter for a Pinkberry experience.

How was it? OMG AMAZING!!!!

I think all of the worlds problems can and should by solved by Pinkberry 🙂

My brother complained that all we have in our refrigerator is vegetables and fruit ( I see that as a good thing!) So I told him that I would make him chocolate chip cookies, plus I was looking for an excuse to bake.

For dinner we had a Roma tomato (local), fresh mozzarella, garlic (local) and basil pizza (local).

And I totally forgot to get a picture of the finished pizza but it was super yummy and the flavor was amazing…maybe I should open a pizza shop 🙂

This was a much longer post than usual but I had a whole lot to say. Onto more 10k training tonight!

Do you like to bake? What do you do with your baked goods? Do you eat them? Bring them to work? Give to neighbors? Please comment!


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