Weekend Plans

August 20, 2010 § 1 Comment

I often blame my weiner dog (Miss Darla Marla) for stealing my money…

With a face like that how could I do such a thing? I am laughing to myself right now because she was litteraly carying a $20.00 bill in her mouth while running to her bed. Maybe I have been right all along?

Anyways I did HORRIBLE today with my eating. I had a yougart parfait from Panera Bread this morning, 2 mugs o’coffee, a scoop of ice cream and a piece of cake..cringe! I cannot keep this up. I am really going to re-focus my food intake the next few days…talk about pathetic. But that’s ok we can’t always be perfect right?

I have a big weekend planned, which I am super excited for. Tonight I am going to take it easy, but tomorrow I am going to sit by the pool with friends and tomorrow night I am going to a Carolina Panthers game! I have only been to one other Carolina game in the 5+ years I lived here. Very excited for this opportunity.  What is even more great than that is that I am going with my friend Kaytea and meeting up with my friends Arika and Hunter.

Do not think I have forgotten about my training  plan. I am going to go for a long walk tonight with Miss Darla Marla and go to Zumba in the morning.

What am I going to do about dinner tonight? I know one thing I am going to do, eat something that contains some vegetables and something green! I think I am in desperate need of a Vega shake and may start with that…


I had something with some nutrients 🙂

I made Trader Joes Orange Chicken with some broccoli and brown rice….felt good to have some REAL FOOD in my system.


Veggies –



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  • runrettarun says:

    Some days, I feel like having lots of junk. Then I kinda feel like poo. Definitely feels better to have real food! But those sweet treats are so darn tasty! 🙂

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