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September 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am in Oswego, NY after a very long┬ádrive up north. I talked my brother into going so that I wouldn’t have to drive alone. Why didn’t I just fly you ask? Because I am brining a bunch of fun things from my parents house back down to North Carolina. My parents are trying to consolidate into 2 houses from 3 so there is a lot of stuff they are giving away. I am also up here to help them spruce up / paint and etc so that they can sell their house.

My brother and myself left at 6:30 PM on Friday, I hate driving at night but he loves it. I made him agree that if he got tired we would stop. I imagine herds of deer, mountain cliffs and other not so rational things on the night time roads.

I drove until about 10 PM and then we switched and he continued on until about 2:30 AM I was in and out of sleep during that time but when I woke up shortly after 2 AM I talked him into pulling into a parking lot in the middle of no where and both of us sleeping for a little bit. A little bit turned into 5:30 AM (but that’s ok better safe than sorry). I had been sleeping in the back and my brother the front, I switched with him and let him continue to sleep and I drove the rest of the way until we reached our destination Oswego, NY.

Sorry no pics of food yet, I spent most of yesterday sleeping and meeting my friends little one Dawson. My mother is in the kitchen now making Belgium Waffles (yummm!). It’s nice not to have to cook ­čÖé

Above is a pic of my siblings and our combined dogs:┬áCobi┬á(in my sister’s arms he’s a 14 year old Jack Russel), Dallas (Black Lab), Maggie (next to my brother). Can you spot Miss Darla Marla? She is behind Dallas, looks like she is biting him!

What’s your favorite meal to eat when you are visiting your parents? Do you ever request that they make you something special?

Belgium Waffles –



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