June 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

This morning I was sitting at my desk in my cubicle and IT hit me. No not one of the gnats or the mice that is running around the office…but a thought. I have no passion. I know I have had it at several different points in my life, but now it is gone.

What do I do about it? Well, why not go on a quest for it? I’ll get back to blogging. I got bored with what I was writing. I was starting to get descent stats and people were leaving comments. I just lost the passion. I love reading healthy living blogs, as I am on a quest for health. So instead of being strictly food focused, I am going to be health focused.

While I was in grad school, I used to workout ALL the time. I loved it. It was fun, it was relaxing and most of all it was an escape. When the desk job started I lost that, I lost all that freedom I found on a bamboo floor bowing my head and putting my hands together for a loving “Namaste.” Who am I? Where am I? What did they do with the girl who was formerly me?

So here I am, searching for my passion. Will you join me?


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