Life’s Pathways

June 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

Do you ever feel like something in your life keeps popping up over and over again and you are not sure why? Maybe old friends start to contact you again, old boyfriends start coming around or maybe it’s work related and job opportunities keep popping up. Is this the universe’s way of telling you something? Does it mean that maybe you should consider changing paths?

I am facing one of these maybe messages from the Universe. I have recently been approached about some new/different job opportunities. Maybe I am getting to comfortable with where I am and need to take some risks and or challenges. I think it’s human nature to get comfortable in routines and to know what you are going to be doing on any given day before you do it. I like my schedule getting thrown up in the air and landing down with unknowns. Maybe I need to bite and see what opportunities are out there for me. In an ideal world I would not work for a large corporation in an 8-5 job. However I do not know what my passion is yet,  what I need to do on my own for myself is not in the picture yet. As I seek the answers and wonder what my path is, I am going to turn left instead of right. See what taking a different trail off of the same path where that will lead to. I may not be going to a whole new trail just yet, but some day I will find my way there.


Have you been presented with a theme of re-occuring opportunities/pathways? What did you do? Did you take the different path or did you stay on course?




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