Do I need a $400 + Blender?

August 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

This was my question I posed to my co-worker early in the work day. I saw a coupon for 20% off SHIPPING for a Vita Mix. Is that a great deal or what? Ok so maybe it’s not. She quickly put it into perspective for me when she asked me why I couldn’t buy a $100 blender from Target. You so right girl!


I will keep dreaming until the day I can justify spending THAT much money on a piece of equipment.

In other news, I was extremely jealous happy for all the Healthy Living Summit Participants this past weekend. I have enjoyed reading all of the re-caps and updates from the event. I have my fingers crossed that one of these big blog events will come to the Queen City. If the Democratic National Convention 2012 is able to come to the city, surely some of us in the Blog Family can 😉

I am hoping someone posts more details from the recipe writing presentation. I know that I am the most hesitant about posting recipes on my blog because I do not know the proper way to write one. I have passed on recipe’s to friends and swore it was simple to make. Only to have them call me up and yell at me because their pickles/bread/pizza dough/cookies and etc has come out wayyy wrong.



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