Sunday Morning Blues

June 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

Good Morning! I started out my day by making a quick run to the grocery store for some fruits. I picked up a watermelon, bananas, strawberries and blueberries. I also got a few more staples that I needed for the week. 

When I got home from the store I wanted to start the day off right with a healthy breakfast. I saw a fun breakfast idea in the June issue of Women’s Health Magazine.

Simple ingredients including: 1.) Thomas’s Bagel Thin 2.) 1 tbsp natural peanut butter 3.) cut up banana 4.) Cut up strawberry (qty 2). I enjoyed this breakfast with a hot k-cup mocha.

I tried to have my breakfast on the balcony, but at 82 degrees it was already a little too warm for me 🙂

It felt great to have a good breakfast.  my fitness plans for the day include swimming laps this morning and then go to Kadi Fit for Kardio Dance with JT.

Last night I ventured into Charlotte and went to the NODA area of town. I can’t believe I have lived here for 6+ years and have never been to this cute little neighborhood. There were amazing crafts being sold on the street, people everywhere and great music playing. I went to the infamous Cabo Fish Taco with my friend Julie. Julie had run a half marathon yesterday morning and was in quite a bit of pain, but knew she had to keep moving to stop that lactic acid build up.

Going for food and doing a little poking around was just the answer for her. I have heard about Cabo Fish Taco for years but have yet to visit. I decided on the chicken tacos with a cheddar and jalapeno mashed potato. Soo good! I highly recomend stopping by this restaurant if you are in the Charlotte area.

I am off for an adventure. I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday.

Tacos for now,



Home in the 13126

September 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am in Oswego, NY after a very long drive up north. I talked my brother into going so that I wouldn’t have to drive alone. Why didn’t I just fly you ask? Because I am brining a bunch of fun things from my parents house back down to North Carolina. My parents are trying to consolidate into 2 houses from 3 so there is a lot of stuff they are giving away. I am also up here to help them spruce up / paint and etc so that they can sell their house.

My brother and myself left at 6:30 PM on Friday, I hate driving at night but he loves it. I made him agree that if he got tired we would stop. I imagine herds of deer, mountain cliffs and other not so rational things on the night time roads.

I drove until about 10 PM and then we switched and he continued on until about 2:30 AM I was in and out of sleep during that time but when I woke up shortly after 2 AM I talked him into pulling into a parking lot in the middle of no where and both of us sleeping for a little bit. A little bit turned into 5:30 AM (but that’s ok better safe than sorry). I had been sleeping in the back and my brother the front, I switched with him and let him continue to sleep and I drove the rest of the way until we reached our destination Oswego, NY.

Sorry no pics of food yet, I spent most of yesterday sleeping and meeting my friends little one Dawson. My mother is in the kitchen now making Belgium Waffles (yummm!). It’s nice not to have to cook 🙂

Above is a pic of my siblings and our combined dogs: Cobi (in my sister’s arms he’s a 14 year old Jack Russel), Dallas (Black Lab), Maggie (next to my brother). Can you spot Miss Darla Marla? She is behind Dallas, looks like she is biting him!

What’s your favorite meal to eat when you are visiting your parents? Do you ever request that they make you something special?

Belgium Waffles –


Eggs and Salad

September 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

Do you ever get excited to go to a restaurant and feel sad when you order something and it is disappointing 😦

I went to a breakfast place in Davidson, NC (no, not Toast!) and was excited to see breakfast skillets on the menu. There is this really great breakfast place in Millton, MA that has amazing skillets. I was hoping that the breakfast skillets would match the greatness of the place in Milton, MA.

As soon as my breakfast came out I was disappointed 😦

Just looook at the color of that meal, blah. The cheese was bag shredded, the scrambled eggs weren’t that great and the veggies were a little too crunchy. Boooo!

My breakfast disaster was redeemed by an amazing salad 🙂

I went to the campus cafe and did not know what I was in the mood for. The salad bar is usually barren and picked through by the time I get there. People must have had other things on their mind because the salad bar looked beautiful. I loaded up with a spring mix, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, mushrooms, cottage cheese, fruit, turkey slices, swiss slices, cucumber, ground pepper and some oil and vinegar dressing. YUM O! If the salad bar looked that pleasant I just might eat it every day … my waist 🙂 my wallet 😦

This up coming weekend I am heading to Oswego, NY to visit friends and family. I haven’t been to Oswego (where I grew up) in over 3 years. A LOT has changed since I have last been there. For one Oswego has a Bikram Yoga Studio! They have a 10 classes for $10.00 introductory deal, I am going to go for that and take in as much yoga as I can in the week I am there. I am not a huge fan of Bikram but it’s yoga and in Oswego so I will go for it! I’ll be working from home/vacationing and visiting a company store. Oswego is known for its food, barely ANY chain restaurants so I am hoping it will be a great week for the blog. Please be sure to check it out all next week 🙂

Also Project Food Blog contest is starting soon, I will be heavily promoting my entries so please vote for me!

Egg xtra disappointed –


Sunday Funday

August 23, 2010 § 4 Comments

I am often very thankful for my life, yesterday was no exception to that. I spent the morning working on my blog and catching up on emails and the afternoon was spent out on Lake Norman. Lake Norman is a beautiful lake and is considered the “area” north of Charlotte from Huntersville to Troutman.

I had a great time on my friend Chae and Seth’s boat. Christine was there to and we had a big discussion about what her hobby should be. She is the one that has been in previous posts and recently got married. I talked her into trying out blogging! Her new blog is called Beyond the Ring and is going to be about finding her way after getting married. There is so much hype and planning that goes into the wedding it seems that brides are often left with the question “What do I do now?” Christine is going to be blogging about this and about other adventures as a newlywed.  I hope her blog becomes famous, so make sure and check her out!

When I got home last night my head was spinning with dinner ideas. I have a TON of produce to use up from last week’s CSA pickup… so I knew that had to be involved. I ended up deciding on chicken kielbasa, corn on the cob (local) and a sweet potato (local).

It was such a great dinner, I am going to repeat it tonight 🙂 Plus my brother is out of town all week so I am cooking for one.

This morning I was running VERY late to work and did not have time to make breakfast. I am real nervous eating eggs right now unless I know where they come from. I only purchase eggs from local farmers, but know that restaurants and the cafe at work does not do the same. I am also stopping my dairy intake becuase it is doing a number on my skin and females with PCOS should really limit their dairy intake. I typically would get cottage cheese or a parfait… but as I was looking around at what to get I thought about otameal. They have a big ole’ pot of oatmeal that was just asking to be doctored up. I got myself a container, a banana, a packet of peanut butter, a packet of honey and some granola. Waaalaaa:

Why haven’t I thought of this sooner? Face palm! It was so great, I think this may be my new staple when I am running late and need to eat at the cafe.

What do you do when you need to eat breakfast in a pinch? Do you fast food it? Skip it?

Apples and Oats –


Oats in a Jar

August 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

I woke up feeling blah and decided that I was going to work from home. I haven’t had more than 2 days off consecutive in over a year! I do not have a backup, so my job can be a lot of responsibility. I do not feel bad working from home when I need it, because if I become too sick there will be problems.

Anyways I will do my work from home and sneak in a blog post :0 This morning I felt like I really needed a nutritious breakfast. I have a smidgen of Jason’s Maple Almond Butter left so I decided to add my ingredients to the jar and scoop it out for a fun healthy treat.


Banana, Organic Blueberries, Granola and Gluten Free Oats.

Miss Darla Marla acted as sous chef that helped with the preparation of my oats 🙂

The final product:

Yummy! I am hoping that this nutrient packed breakfast will give me that extra boost to feel better today. I am also excited to watch Caitlyn talk about Operation Beautiful on the Today Show. I have never met her but it I believe in the project so much I just think it is wonderful and will tell everyone to buy the book!



Oats in the Woods

August 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Great weekend despite the weather. Actually it was about 20 degrees cooler than it has been in North Carolina so it was a welcome break. I just could have done without the rain, but it is Mother Earth’s free way of watering the plants so I am grateful for that:)

For breakfast I had banana oats:

  • 1/2 Cup Bob’s Redmill Gluten Free Oats
  • 1/2 Cup Water
  • 1/2 Cup FF Milk
  • 1 Banana
  • 2 Tsp Jason’s Maple Almond Butter
  • Dash of Gluten Free Granola
  • Sprinkle of Pumpkin Seeds

Tonight I may be going on an adventure to the Charlotte West Elm and to Cantina 1511 (fingers crossed!)

I am still working on the design of the blog, I have contacted another graphic artist, I hope that my header and design gets moving asap!

Purple carrots –

The Camera is back!

July 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

After several camera problems (including a crucial cord),  ALL has been solved 🙂 While waiting for  the crucial cord to arrive, my brother walks out of his bedroom asking “is this your cord?” HALLELUJAH! My missing cord! Now my camera is charging up, I am happy and I am excited that I get to take pictures of  the bbq that I am going to later today. Whoop Whoop!!

I woke up  much later then normal today (9am) and my  brother was already up talking about he  is craving donuts. I really try not to eat sweets like that in the morning,  but this was a serious  craving, so we decided to go to La Patisserie in Mooresville, NC.

I dined on a delicious chocolate croissant (eating clean?):

(Hopefully the above is the last of cell phone photos!)

My brother had a delicious egg sandwich:

I also bought a beautiful chocolate cake to bring up to my friends..I can never go some place empty-handed! Fun pictures and blog post later.

Chocolate Beans-


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