Good Evening!

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Just sitting down after being on the go. I did a double session of kadi fit AND a 15 min abs class…eek….I am already sore. I dont feel like getting out my computer so this is a quick post from the phone. I hope you all had a great day I look forward to “speaking” with you tomorrow.


The Goddess of Coffee

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Good Morning! I hope you learned a little bit more about me in yesterday’s post.

I woke up this morning SO sore! Last night I went to Hip Hop Hustle at Kadi Fit. I have never taken the class before but my fitness buddy Christine saw online that Katie (the owner) was teaching. I am familiar and comfortable with her so that made the class less intimidating. Apparently she hasn’t taught it before, but you would never have known because it was super fun! We did some battling, the Tootsie Roll and THRILLER!


Once I got my sore self out of bed, I took Miss Darla Marla on a walk. I ran out of K-Cups for my Keurig and decided I needed caffeine so a trip to the Coffee Goddess was in order:

This is an Iced Skinny Carmel Machiato …a mouthful! I am still enjoying it an hour and a half later as I am blogging while on a conference call (shhhh….!).

What do you do during conference calls (if you have them)? What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Paying my tide’s to the Coffee Goddess-


Blue Sky Morning

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I love Saturday mornings. Two of my favorite things go on: 1. The Davidson Farmers Market 2.) Kardio Dance at Kadi Fit. What is better than buying local yummy produce and shaking my booty to fun songs & burning boat loads of calories? Bliss.  I decided to start the calorie burn early by taking Miss Darla Marla on a walk at Jetton Park. Now i’m off to enjoy some pool time!                         

Bowling for Deals

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Brrrr it is cold here in the Carolinas 😦

I started off this morning with a clean meal! I had 1 egg, 1 egg white, 1 piece organic cheese and 1 whole grain English Muffin. I made myself a nice little breakfast sandwich.

I want another pair of shoes that are just for the gym.  I do not like using my expensive running shoes for non-running events…maybe this is weird?! I realllyyy want a pair of the Reebok Zigs.

I love the fun colors and think that they look cool. I sent out in hopes that the Reebok Store at Concord Mills Mall (Concord, NC) would have them and hopefully on sale. They retail for $99.00 and haven’t been able to find them cheaper (yet).

As I got in the car to drive to Concord, a blizzard started. Now when I first moved to North Carolina back in February 2005 it never snowed. Now it snows all the time. Anyways I didn’t want to trek the 15 miles and risk any accident or getting stuck some place. So I decided to head to the Dicks Sporting Goods Store located in the same town I live in. They have a great sale going on right now, with many items on clearance and then you get to take an additional 50% off the clearance price. I found a really cool pair of Puma sneakers, that are white and lime green. After all of the savings they were only $22.00! Woooohooo!!! That is a whole lot better then the $99.00 I was planning on spending. Maybe the snowstorm was a sign?!

Super psyched about the good deal, I wanted to go to the gym to try them out. The shoes were awesome!

After the gym, I went to meet my friends Arika and Hunter at Vinnies. After hanging out at Vinnie’s for a bit we went… bowling!

It was so fun, lots of laughs. I have a video that I am going to try to upload on here. I just need to figure out how first.

Now it’s time for me to settle in and watch 48 hour mystery 🙂

Peas to All and to All a goodnight,


2011 Goals

January 7, 2011 § 3 Comments

Dear 2011-

Welcome! I am very excited for your arrival. A new decade -wow-, I am going on my 3rd decade soon. It’s an exciting time, the technological advancements, the societal changes and let’s not forget the fashions. Please be kind to us 2011 and please do not bring in any crazy styles:

or really high heels 🙂

Now that I have made some wishes requests, I am going to tell you some things that I am going to do for myself:

  1. Clean up the diet. I am pulling out my copies of Clean Eating Magazine, going to make a list of ingredients to stock in the pantry and am going to hit the ground running. No more excuses of being a food blogger, so it’s ok if I make cookies 5 days a week in order to come up with the perfect batch. I am not talking drastic overhaul that makes me hate eating clean, but slowly bring in one clean meal to the diet per day.
  2. Stay in contact with friends who are not in the same state, by picking up the phone and calling them. Not my usual means of Facebook or text message.
  3. Start saving money for a special trip. I’d love to go to Greece or Ireland, and what a better way to celebrate my 30th birthday (in 2012). I am going to open up a Christmas club and put $100 per paycheck in this account for this purpose (please note I get paid monthly). This will provide a great base for my trip.
  4. Go see more live music. I LOVE going to concerts. I went to Woodstock III (the 30th anniversary and the one that caught on fire) when I was just 16. I have seen so many bands live and truly love it. The past couple of years I have gotten away from it and need to bring it back into my life.
  5. Make some blogger friends. I live in the greater Charlotte area, and there are tons of bloggers. I’d love to make friends that have this same blogging interest as me.

You are probably wondering about weight loss goals. I do have those, but they are not part of my 2011 goals or resolutions. I cannot fail when it comes to this, if I put them as a specific goal or resolution the statistics go up higher for failure. Failure is not something that I am willing to accept. I did a paragraph about this goal for Healthy Tipping Point that will appear on Caitlin’s page today.

Peas and Happiness,


Training Days 4-6

August 16, 2010 § 4 Comments

What a great weekend! It was the perfect mix of relaxing and fun. I have to admit that I was pretty jealous seeing the posts and tweets from all the Healthy Living Summit attendees, but it motivated me in so many ways. I look forward to going to a blogger conference in the future and am going to try to make the Food Buzz Conference.

Saturday morning I went to the Y for a Zumba Class. I really love Zumba, it is such a great workout and since you are dancing and in a fun environment it doesn’t feel like your typical exercise class. Sometimes when I am in a spin or even a more traditional aerobics class, I find myself straining to see the clock and how many more minutes I have left (because I am usually bored). I had a very enthusiastic high schooler next to me that was very into the dance so that was fun too.

Saturday night my brother wanted to know if I wanted to go bowling with him and our friend Kaytea.  I of course said yes because she is super fun and I knew that it would be a good time.

I did pretty horrible in bowling, but it was about fun and not about competition. I even rolled it down once like an old lady in honor of my friend Arika! My brother had a great time too, he posed for a picture:

Kaytea and my brother kicked my butt in bowling and in Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). I felt like I was a kid again because after we bowled we went into the arcade. I only did DDR one time and it was my first time ever and it wasn’t that easy! My brother and Kaytea played for a long time and it was very funny.

On Sunday morning when I woke up I had a severe headache. I rarely get headaches and when I do I am a super baby about it. I didn’t know if I was dehydrated and felt like I could use an IV hydration drip or a Pinkberry drip. Now I have never had Pinkberry but thought it could solve all of my problems 🙂

I was right! I went down to the South Park area of Charlotte, met my friends Arika and Hunter for a Pinkberry experience.

How was it? OMG AMAZING!!!!

I think all of the worlds problems can and should by solved by Pinkberry 🙂

My brother complained that all we have in our refrigerator is vegetables and fruit ( I see that as a good thing!) So I told him that I would make him chocolate chip cookies, plus I was looking for an excuse to bake.

For dinner we had a Roma tomato (local), fresh mozzarella, garlic (local) and basil pizza (local).

And I totally forgot to get a picture of the finished pizza but it was super yummy and the flavor was amazing…maybe I should open a pizza shop 🙂

This was a much longer post than usual but I had a whole lot to say. Onto more 10k training tonight!

Do you like to bake? What do you do with your baked goods? Do you eat them? Bring them to work? Give to neighbors? Please comment!


Basily Good For Now-


Training Day 2

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I feel that this post is semi-misleading because there hasn’t been any training that has happened yet 🙂 It will though! My plan yesterday was to wake up and head to the gym. I ended up having to take care of some work (yes on my day off) so I didn’t get to go…yet. I also was cancelled on for the babysitting so that clears my night.

I plan on heading to the gym around 8pm, after I make some more pickles 🙂

In other things that I did today; I went to the Aveda Institute of Charlotte for a hair appointment. If you have an Aveda Institute near you I HIGHLY recommend that you check it out. I have just about the shoulder length very thick hair. At an average salon, I cannot get out of there for under $100 for a highlight and cut. At a higher end Aveda Salon I am lucky if I get out of the salon with a junior stylist for $150. At the Aveda institute of Charlotte, I paid $85.00 for a cut, highlight, blow out including a $20.00 tip! My hair looks fabulous and looks so healthy, try getting highlights with non Aveda products and come out looking undamaged.

The Aveda institute of Charlotte is located in the Historic South End.

While I was in the South End, I decided to head over to the S. Kings Drive Great Harvest and picked up some Honey Whole Wheat and Gluten Free Dakota Bread. On my way back to Mooresville, I stopped at Barnes and Noble to pick up my reserved copy of the Operation Beautiful book! I am so excited to read it before bed tonight.

Speaking of the Operation Beautiful Book, I sent it to a friend that is having some medical problems. I didn’t tell her I was sending it to her, so it was a surprise when it showed up at her doorstep. This is the email that she sent me after receiving it:

I just love you…are you sure you can’t marry , Justin? You are such a sweetheart!!!  That book is wonderful…makes me smile and hopefully will make me look at myself differently.  I can’t wait to do the sticky’s  myself!  Last night was the first time I have read a book in a really long time.  This one will keep my attention.
Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart!
Love ya,

I just love how the Operation Beautiful message positively impacts people’s lives!

I promise to post later after my workout success!



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