Weekend Trip

June 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hi everyone! I have been sickly lately 😦 I came down with something last Wednesday and it is dragging me down further and further since. I tried bargaining with my body to have its sick time but I need to be better by Thursday, because I have a trip this weekend.

I am headed to good ole’ Oswego, NY:

Way up North where the closest state is Canada 🙂 I am going to a graduation party as well as visiting friends and family.

Oswego is a beautiful town in the summer. Oswego has a powerful river and sits on the shore of Lake Ontario. The sunsets and the views are out of this world. However that ALL changes when winter rolls around and the town gets buried in the snow.

I am excited to stop by some of my favorite stores/restaurants as well as to see some of the local sites:

I’ll be sure to blog my 12 hour car trip and my adventure.

Do any of you live in Upstate NY?

Over being Under the Weather,



Cake Pops

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I woke up at 7am on saturday and started my dad with a mission: Cake Pops. I looked up a couple of sites on how to make them and all were pretty much the same: 1.) Box of Cake Mix 2.) Ingredients on Cake Box 3.) 1/3 Cup Frosting 4.) Decorative accessories.

I figured it could be too bad… I finished the darn things at 4pm!! There was a lot of sitting time in between where I had to let the cake cool, refrigerate, re-refrigerate, refrigerate x3 and etc. The hardest part of it was the decorating. I didn’t thin out my candy coating enough so it clopped off my cake ball. Lesson learned for next time!

I put so much darn effort into the little buzzards that I trudged on and brought them to the party:

The party was a good-bye party for my friend Megan:

Megan is starting a new chapter of her life and is heading westward to St. Louis, Missouri! I’m sad to see her leave but happy to have met her and wish her the best of luck. I’m sure she will be back to visit NC!

Julie, the hostess had a nice spread at the party:

Lot’s of great people at the party too!

It was a great weekend!

Have you ever tried to make something, put a lot of effort into it, and it just didn’t work out? What was it? Did you try to do it again?



ABC’s Of Me

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I kind of feel like I just appeared in the blogger-sphere a year ago.  I haven’ t really formally introduced myself or told too much about ME. Many blogger’s did the ABC’s of Me a few months back. I haven’t seen one in a while so hopefully you still aren’t too bored with them. Here we go!

Age: 29

Bed size: Full

Chore you hate:  Cleaning around the base of the toilet

Dogs: Miss Darla Marla

Essential start of your day:  Taking Miss Darla Marla for a walk

Favorite color:  Clear – like a diamond!

Gold or silver: Gold in the bank and Silver on the body 😉

Height: 5’7″


Instruments I play (or have played):  I took piano lessons as a child and Cello from 3rd until 12th grade


Job title:  Direct Material Buyer/Planner


Kids:  Daniel – but he’s not  biologically mine and doesn’t live with me…counts right?!

Live:  Cornelius, NC (LKN PRIDE!)

Mom’s name:  Colleen


Nickname:  Eliz, Liz, Lizzy, Shaddy (college joke), Lizzard

Overnight hospital stays:  Never (knock on wood!)


Pet peeve:  The word “per” as in “As per Christine…”


Quote from a movie: “You need to focus your focus”


Right or left-handed:  Right

Siblings:  Tatiana, Nikki, Michael


Time you wake up:  6am except Wednesday’s 5am

Underwear: Of Course!

Vegetables you dislike:  Cooked Celery

What makes you run late:  Watching tv and getting into a show or the news. I also only have a clock on the microwave and stove…so I tend to not look at the time (yikes!)

X-rays you’ve had done: A whole ton..

Yummy food you make:  Anything with my Kitchen Aid!

Zoo animal:  Not to be a bummer but I don’t go to zoo’s because I feel bad for the poor animals 😦 My favorite animal in the wild are probably turtles.

Well there you have it the ABC’s of me 🙂 I hope you learned a little something about me.



Blue Sky Morning

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I love Saturday mornings. Two of my favorite things go on: 1. The Davidson Farmers Market 2.) Kardio Dance at Kadi Fit. What is better than buying local yummy produce and shaking my booty to fun songs & burning boat loads of calories? Bliss.  I decided to start the calorie burn early by taking Miss Darla Marla on a walk at Jetton Park. Now i’m off to enjoy some pool time!                         

The Green Room

January 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Nope not that kind of green room 🙂 no major television apperances for me!

This past weekend I went up to see my friend’s BRAND NEW HOME! Well not brand new built, but new to them. It was awesome! The best part is (selfishly of course) that they moved closer to where I live. So instead of a 1 hour 15 minute drive they are only about 45 minutes away!!! Yippee!!!!

The guys (Ryan and Dan) spent the WHOLE weekend re-doing the master bathroom. They did an AMAZING job, they are both sticklers for details, so it could only come out perfect 🙂



Patient Waiting lab:

Congrats to Ryan and Amber!!!



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Tomorrow is my birthday. This is my last day being 28. Tomorrow will be my last year in my 2o’s.  Am I really almost 30?

Baking for a Cure

January 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Do you ever feel like baking but do not want the end result tempting you until it disappears? Calling your name, “Elizabeth come eat me, I am just one cookie, you took so much time making me and I am so pretty.”

“OK just ONE cookie”, “ok just ONE MORE cookie”, next thing you know it’s “darn where did all the cookies go?!”

I often have this problem, so I try to share with friends, but if it is a weekend and my friends aren’t around I’d rather just not be tempted. I found my answer! Baking for charity.

Just before Christmas I had the idea of having a cookie party, I wanted to have friends over to bake and decorate cookies and bring them home  out of my house for their families to enjoy.  Shortly after sending out the invite, I received an email asking for people to volunteer to bake cookies for a charity…ding! ding! ding!

I kept reading and then looked up the charity: Cookies for Kids Cancer

Their Mission:

“Cookies for Kids’ Cancer is committed to raising funds to support research for new and improved therapies for pediatric cancer. Through the concept of local bake sales, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer provides the inspiration and support for individuals, communities, and businesses to help fight pediatric cancer.”

I immediately replied to the email and changed the theme of my party to be a Cookies for Kids Cancer Party. Instead of my guests bringing the cookies home, the cookies would be donated to a local bake sale event. I also volunteered along with a friend and her child at the bake sale.

Not only did my friends have a ton of fun making and decorating cookies, we raised $250.00 for a charity.

I highly recommend looking over their web page, following them on twitter or liking them on Facebook.

So next time you feel like baking, but don’t want to consume the calories, think of hosting a baking part for Cookies for Kids Cancer 🙂

Cookies and Dreams,


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