The Goddess of Coffee

June 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Good Morning! I hope you learned a little bit more about me in yesterday’s post.

I woke up this morning SO sore! Last night I went to Hip Hop Hustle at Kadi Fit. I have never taken the class before but my fitness buddy Christine saw online that Katie (the owner) was teaching. I am familiar and comfortable with her so that made the class less intimidating. Apparently she hasn’t taught it before, but you would never have known because it was super fun! We did some battling, the Tootsie Roll and THRILLER!


Once I got my sore self out of bed, I took Miss Darla Marla on a walk. I ran out of K-Cups for my Keurig and decided I needed caffeine so a trip to the Coffee Goddess was in order:

This is an Iced Skinny Carmel Machiato …a mouthful! I am still enjoying it an hour and a half later as I am blogging while on a conference call (shhhh….!).

What do you do during conference calls (if you have them)? What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Paying my tide’s to the Coffee Goddess-



Eggs and Salad

September 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

Do you ever get excited to go to a restaurant and feel sad when you order something and it is disappointing 😦

I went to a breakfast place in Davidson, NC (no, not Toast!) and was excited to see breakfast skillets on the menu. There is this really great breakfast place in Millton, MA that has amazing skillets. I was hoping that the breakfast skillets would match the greatness of the place in Milton, MA.

As soon as my breakfast came out I was disappointed 😦

Just looook at the color of that meal, blah. The cheese was bag shredded, the scrambled eggs weren’t that great and the veggies were a little too crunchy. Boooo!

My breakfast disaster was redeemed by an amazing salad 🙂

I went to the campus cafe and did not know what I was in the mood for. The salad bar is usually barren and picked through by the time I get there. People must have had other things on their mind because the salad bar looked beautiful. I loaded up with a spring mix, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, mushrooms, cottage cheese, fruit, turkey slices, swiss slices, cucumber, ground pepper and some oil and vinegar dressing. YUM O! If the salad bar looked that pleasant I just might eat it every day … my waist 🙂 my wallet 😦

This up coming weekend I am heading to Oswego, NY to visit friends and family. I haven’t been to Oswego (where I grew up) in over 3 years. A LOT has changed since I have last been there. For one Oswego has a Bikram Yoga Studio! They have a 10 classes for $10.00 introductory deal, I am going to go for that and take in as much yoga as I can in the week I am there. I am not a huge fan of Bikram but it’s yoga and in Oswego so I will go for it! I’ll be working from home/vacationing and visiting a company store. Oswego is known for its food, barely ANY chain restaurants so I am hoping it will be a great week for the blog. Please be sure to check it out all next week 🙂

Also Project Food Blog contest is starting soon, I will be heavily promoting my entries so please vote for me!

Egg xtra disappointed –


Training Day 3

August 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

It is soo hot here in the Carolinas! Today was a great day wat work. I went to the Healthy Home Market for lunch and picked up an Alternative Baking Company Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Vegan Cooking. My goal for this weekend is to make some vegan cookies, so I thought I should sample one first 🙂

Also today at work was Watermelon Social Day. My place of employment purchased close to 200 melons!! Included were: watermelons, sprite melons and cantaloupe. The kitchen on campus cut up the melons and distributed them to the different buildings. From what I can tell and heard it was a BIG hit!

This event was a part of the Health Progress promotion on campus. Health Progress is a program that is designed to get employees healthy. This quarter’s focus is eating healthy. Fresh, Local melon’s were the perfect fit for this!

My training plan for this evening is to do go for a nice long walk with Miss Darla Marla. I will post more later.




July 29, 2010 § 2 Comments

Do you ever have a nagging decision to make and you just do not know what to do? Do you ever wish you had a crystal ball and could see your future to know if you made the correct decisions? EEEE GAAAA that is how I am feeling today. I just do not know what to do 😦 These are all work decisions. I was presented with an opportunity for a new position, but the position diverts from the track I am on. It would be more $$$ but is the money worth it? I definetly need it, but I just do not know 😦

In easy decisions I had Chobani 2% Yogurt today with some Bakery on Main Gluten Free Granola. It was lovely! I love Bakery on Main ( Gluten Free Granola. My favorite is the extreme fruit and nut and I what I love most includes: the crunch, the sweet pieces of fruit, the salty nuts…yumm o

Trying to make decisions for the rest of the day, and pray that my camera cord comes in so that I can charge and actually use my camera yiipppeee 🙂

peas es of me,


Eating Clean: Lunch from the Desk

July 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

I believe one of the hardest places to “eat clean” is at work. So many temptations lurking around every corner. The dreaded vending machines, that co-worker that is a size 0 with an extra-large bowl of candy on her desk, the brownies some made while playing susie homemaker. Just temptations everywhere! Then when it comes to lunch you feel too lazy in the mornings to make something and who knows what you are going to feel like eating hours from now. It is often just as easy to wander off to the campus cafe, drool over the grill and those yummy smelling onion rings and call it a day. While I am good and opt for healthier items from the cafe, I need to focus more on bringing my lunch. Today I do that, I am very proud of myself. I brought a half of a pita, with humus, lettuce, tomato, cheese and deli meet turkey. I can’t eat just one item so I packed a serving of UTZ Gluten Free Cheese Balls.

I am eating while I am writing (bad, bad I know!) but today is a busy monday at work so I need to do what I need to do.

In other news I joined Calorie King, I think that it will be very beneficial to track my calories. I have a goal this week to track my calories all 7 days starting today and to get 3 days of exercise in. I am thinking about starting running again too…

Cheese Balls-


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